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Hi, I’m Ethan

I’m Ethan from North Carolina. I have been working as an industrial welding engineer for a long time. Besides my professional journey, I choose to write about metal cutting & welding so that users can have greater access to true & unbiased opinions. My expertise includes deep technical aspects plasma cutters, CNC machines, laser cutters & welders. I try to wrote about facts & challanging aspects along with the suggestion of suitable products so that you have the right products that fits the purpose.

If you are looking for one of these

Professional Advice

Includes any advice related to metal cutting & welding gears

Product Assistance

Includes assistance while choosing the right products for welding

Technical Insights

More about the technical aspects such as assistance while choosing between a plasma cutter & laser cutter and such

How did it start?

Once I was searching for a laser engraver that works in leather. Though, I had very little knowledge about that I had to read a lot of blogs that confused me a lot. After a couple of years, I faced a similar issue with another thing that highly motivated me to write about what I know. It helps people as well as helps me to earn a little more extra.

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